Stripey Striperton

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In the world of fashion, trends come and go. But conversely, there are also those timeless staples that seem to always stay the course. Number one on my list? Stripes!

In packing for a July getaway, a long weekend in Cape Cod to watch two of our good friends tie the knot, J and I found ourselves in a packing nightmare. Ok fine, I found myself in a packing nightmare and J packed the night before fitting everything into one tiny carry on...

I have never prided myself on being a good packer. I am THAT girl. You know the one who takes 3 over stuffed suitcases for a 2 day weekend. The one who died for the biggest size LV bag for my 23rd birthday providing the tooootally rational argument that I would need it for a carry on when I travel (yes, for all of those flights and trips I'm taking...ummm will eventually take? I'm still working on that part) and the one who will pack a bathing suit for a trip to Alaska. I've never been to Alaska but I don't see any real reason not to pack a swim suit... 

Anyways upon packing, I looked at the giant heap on my bed that was never going to fit in my bag and realized I have an addiction. A stripe addiction. First step is admitting it people! From long sleeved cotton tees to sweaters, my underwear to my American flag stars and stripes cut off shorts (obsessed) it was clear that I wear stripes in probably 97.5 % of my day to day outfits. Best part? They can be worn anywhere and everywhere and never get old. Here are some of my stripey favorites!

I'm not endorsing Lindsay Lohan, she just happens to be the model for Peter Beaton, the Nantucket brand that I love and that does stripes Ohhh so well. (Sailor Shirt $68.00). 
Above: Peter Beaton Hat Boxes in his signature stripe ($30.00).

Above: Chance Striped Boatneck top $68.00 LOVE the green!
Above and Below: Charles Philip flats $135.00 - A perfect transition piece for summer to fall.
 Right: Kate Spade Umbrella to brighten up those rainy days.  $78.00.

Bisous - Elle