Silver Spun

Monday, February 27, 2017

Silver Spun


Having a shiny moment over here...
Forever and always I would swing toward warmer metals/metallics (gold). But lately, I'm going crazy for silver tones and cool sparkly details. 
Enter the "Silver Spun" inspo board.

If you've followed along for a while, you know that I have quite the collection of metallic shoes. I've got gold, silver, rose gold - you name it. But how killer is a statement silver-foil midi skirt (I have that one pictured above and have found SO many ways to wear it) or some silver sparklers for your ears? If all that glimmers is gold, then all that sparkles is silver?  (I've had two tequilas bear with me here...)

Also, not sure when I became an old person (help?) but lately all I want is a cool watering can. I originally had my eye on this one, but keeping on trend with my silver moment, I've added this one to my cart.

I'm too lazy distracted watching the Oscars to tag all of the items, but if you want to know where something is from, drop a comment or send a direct message (

Have a good week!


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Ready, Set, Glow

Friday, February 24, 2017

Ready, Set, Glow


Happy Friday, friends!
Thank God for this short week and that it has flown by.
We're back at it today with a great new wishlist to share.

Lately everything I've been saving, pinning, and clipping seems to follow one simple pattern - If it's soft in color, shiny, or glowy (that's a word, right?), I want it.
Let's dig in…

1. What's up with this weather? For the past few days it's felt like full-on Spring in Philadelphia and I am NOT complaining! These linen floral flats are basically begging to be added to my cart.

2. I've been obsessed/on the hunt for the perfect gold collar for years...literally years. I think my prayers have finally been answered with this little number.

3. These hand gesture statues are the coolest. Period.

4. I personally always go statement earrings over statement necklace. These are a solid yes!

5. The lazy girl in me has really been wanting a great pair of bedroom slippers and I finally found the best pair! How pretty are they?

6. Have had this gorgeous shell clutch my cart for weeks. It may be time to bite the bullet eeek!

7. I first fell in love with the pegasus table when I saw it styled in Giuliana Rancic's Traditional Home article. Thank God for my trade discount... It will be mineeeee.

8. I am in love with the Moon Arc Bench from Safavieh. That is all.

9. The Nest holiday candle is one of my very favorites, but I am dying to try some of the other scents. Do you have a favorite?

10. Molton Brown is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. All of the scents are SO good its hard to choose. The soap/lotion set is a powder room must-have.

11. I am addicted to Chanel lipstick. The colors are incredible and weirdly, I love the way they smell. FYI my favorite shade is #402 Adrienne.

Ready, Set, Glow!

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5 Little Luxuries

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

5 Little Luxuries


Let's be real, we've all gotta treat ourselves every now and again, right? 
It may seem dramatic, but these 5 guilty pleasures get me through my week. I am so appreciative of these small luxuries and find true moments of happiness when I incorporate each one into my daily routine.  

1. Starbucks - Grande cold brew with two pumps of vanilla and a splash of milk - Amen.

I bet 9 out of 10 of you are with me here. Yes, there's coffee in my office, and yes we received just about every fancy coffee machine under the sun for our wedding. But there is something so enjoyable about my daily morning ritual which commences with a visit to my local Starbs. The baristas know my name and my order (how I know I've truly made it) and that little caffeinated jolt gets me ready to tackle my google cal and whatever else is thrown at me that day. This little treat simply starts my day off on the right foot. 
Does it all add up? That's a big fat yep! But is it worth it? Affirmative.

2. Splurge worthy sheets. Now stay with me here for a moment. These took some convincing in my household, but once we had gone high-end on our bedding, neither of us have ever looked back. DID YOU KNOW we spend 33% of our entire lives sleeping?!? How crazy is that stat? So, it makes total sense to indulge in your bedding. You get the best night sleep and function as the best version of yourself the next day. Win. Win.
Legacy Linens are my absolute favorite, but you can also never go wrong with classic Matouk.

3. La Mer - Sure this little pot is pricey, but it really keeps my skin in the best condition possible. Also, its important to note a little goes a long way. I honestly go through about 1 pot per year, so when you break it down, the investment really isn't that crazy, right? That's how I rationalize it at least.

4. It's a 10 - no but really, it is. I have blogged about this miracle product before, and it's still on full rotation in my beauty routine. I got a keratin treatment a few years back which was life changing, and this little gem keeps the smoothness going.

5. A great candle. This is a MAJOR must have for me. I have to have a strong-scented candle lit while showering and also in the evening when I am winding down. I was actually so bummed this past week when I found out my favorite Jo Malone scent was discontinued, and just after I finished my last candle!!. (Please bring back the French Lime Blossom candles!). So now I'm on the search for a new favorite - Any suggestions?? (I've heard this one is incredible).

What are your 5 must-have little luxuries to get you through the week?


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Bermuda Bound

Friday, February 17, 2017

Bermuda Bound

It's official, I am heading back to Bermuda in April! 
I truly cannot wait for some sun and fun with an amazing group of girls. J and I visited the island this past November for a friend's wedding, and this time I get to go back (just the girls!) for one of my bestie's bachelorette weekends! 
Here's hoping we have great weather, strong drinks, and lots of laughs. Even though we're still a few weeks out from our trip, I've started compiling a list of my must-haves. 
Details are below - Hurry up Spring!!


One: I've been eyeing this bag for a few months now and it keeps selling out. It's finally back in stock here!

Two: Little fun fact, I'm obsessed with/collect fun sunglasses and these are next on my list!

Three: Ok, I also own more hats than anyone I know. This one is so good for the price!

Four: Obsessed with the black face on this watch paired with that gold mesh band.

Five: These shoes are so flattering on. Typically I'd lean toward the tan, but the black is really doing it for me.

Six: This scent basically has a cult following… Consider this your invitation to join the party!

Seven: These just arrived in my mailbox today and I am so in love. For those who are curious, they are as light as can be!

Eight: This travel set comes in so many colors and is perfect to toss in your carry-on.


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