Silver Spun

Monday, February 27, 2017

Silver Spun


Having a shiny moment over here...
Forever and always I would swing toward warmer metals/metallics (gold). But lately, I'm going crazy for silver tones and cool sparkly details. 
Enter the "Silver Spun" inspo board.

If you've followed along for a while, you know that I have quite the collection of metallic shoes. I've got gold, silver, rose gold - you name it. But how killer is a statement silver-foil midi skirt (I have that one pictured above and have found SO many ways to wear it) or some silver sparklers for your ears? If all that glimmers is gold, then all that sparkles is silver?  (I've had two tequilas bear with me here...)

Also, not sure when I became an old person (help?) but lately all I want is a cool watering can. I originally had my eye on this one, but keeping on trend with my silver moment, I've added this one to my cart.

I'm too lazy distracted watching the Oscars to tag all of the items, but if you want to know where something is from, drop a comment or send a direct message (

Have a good week!


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