Bermuda Bound

Friday, February 17, 2017

Bermuda Bound

It's official, I am heading back to Bermuda in April! 
I truly cannot wait for some sun and fun with an amazing group of girls. J and I visited the island this past November for a friend's wedding, and this time I get to go back (just the girls!) for one of my bestie's bachelorette weekends! 
Here's hoping we have great weather, strong drinks, and lots of laughs. Even though we're still a few weeks out from our trip, I've started compiling a list of my must-haves. 
Details are below - Hurry up Spring!!


One: I've been eyeing this bag for a few months now and it keeps selling out. It's finally back in stock here!

Two: Little fun fact, I'm obsessed with/collect fun sunglasses and these are next on my list!

Three: Ok, I also own more hats than anyone I know. This one is so good for the price!

Four: Obsessed with the black face on this watch paired with that gold mesh band.

Five: These shoes are so flattering on. Typically I'd lean toward the tan, but the black is really doing it for me.

Six: This scent basically has a cult following… Consider this your invitation to join the party!

Seven: These just arrived in my mailbox today and I am so in love. For those who are curious, they are as light as can be!

Eight: This travel set comes in so many colors and is perfect to toss in your carry-on.


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