Boomer & Hudson

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hi All - Tonight I want to introduce to you a new brand that has mastered the perfect tee shirt - Please welcome Boomer & Hudson onto the scene! I'm sure each and everyone of you has a massive tee shirt collection from over the years, but how many of them do you actually wear?? I went through mine tonight and realized I really only like a handful of them, which often makes getting dressed in the dark for 6 am spin class more than a challenge. In addition, I am always stealing from the boys (sorry J.). Men's tee shirts are just so much more comfortable to lounge in, sleep in and spin in etc.

I sat down with Jake Morris, Co - Founder of B&H, and got the low down on what makes this brand stand out from all others on the market. These shirts definitely get the Mink Sunday stamp of approval, and I will be adding one to my collection ASAP!

Bisous, Elle

B&H: I first want to start off saying that I am a big fan of Mink Sunday and have to be towards the upper echelon of male followers
MS: Thank you!

MS: Boomer and Hudson in three words. Go:
B&H: Quality. Fit. Comfort

MS: What was the idea behind the line?
B&H: The idea came from recognizing a need, a need I share personally with all my buddies.  I only recognized it through years of experience (dressing myself) and would explain it in two ways: 1) Like everyone, I have a big tee shirt collection but only ever wear a small percentage of them. I pick up tee shirts from everywhere.. old sports team, charity events, places I've been, schools I've attended, list goes on. Problem is I like tee shirts and want to wear them everywhere, but it's rare to find one that I like enough to wear consistently. I've got no way to add to that collection of my few winners, I just pick them up randomly over time.  There's no company devoted to high quality, well fit, cool tee-shirts, and I wear those few that I have all the time.  

2) If there's anything out that does target the young adult tee shirt wearing demographic it's probably something overly preppy, a way too graphic surfing company, or a sports team.  Surfing and sports shirts are certainly not versatile, and like most I don't wear pastels everywhere.  In each of those shirts, people can feel a little fake, unless it's just who they are.  And as we get older the more awkward they get to wear out.  The majority of us fall somewhere in the middle, that's the Boomer & Hudson crowd. 
The quote and coordinates on the first few series of shirts are how we're differentiating the brand to start. It takes an edgier, harder twist on some of the brands and concepts we grew up wearing. I can promise you won't see typical locations or quotes on any of our shirts.

MS: Is this brand for the ladies too?
B&H: The brand launched with just men's shirts but so many of my girl friends are interested and excited about the brand I plan to make women's tee's for the summer. Stay tuned girls...more too come 

MS: Pretty unique name, where does it come from? 
B&H: The name was actually the tough part for us.  We did not want something over the top, or even too edgy.  Had to be simple, easy to say, recognizable, different,  and hopefully have some personal meaning to it since its our company.  Very difficult to meet all those requirements.  Boomer and Hudson are the dogs of two very close friends of mine, James and Taylor. They're a young married couple in NYC, and James was my college roommate.  I view the dogs as basically my own and love their names.  Hudson has its obvious affiliation to NY, and the rest of us involved in the brand are all roommates who live one block from the Hudson in Tribeca. 

MS: Whose wearing Boomer and Hudson and where to?
B&H: B&H is for the guy that doesn't need anything more than a great fitting tee shirt and khakis/jeans to impress. It's for the times when you want to stay casual and comfortable but still look good . Launching the brand right ahead of summertime was strategic since we'll be out and about in Montauk and South Jersey all summer. Its the type of shirt you can throw on right from the beach with a pair of khakis, hit the Montauket, or the Whitebrier and feel ready to get loose

MS: Any other exciting B&H products on the horizon?
B&H: I think we're planning a special Fourth of July shirt for early summer which will pay tribute to the armed forces.  For now all we'll say is we're sticking to tee shirts, but the well fit and well made theme does pertain to other core items in the wardrobe, so we have some other things in mind for down the road.

MS: Where can I get my own B&H tee?
B&H: I've been pleasantly surprised with the popularity in the Drake Passage T-Shirt and we have limited supplies left. Our has all the info on how to get a shirt and will have subsequent info on the next line most likely in early June. A short description of the coordinates on the shirts can also be found on the website.

B&H: On a side note, my other passion is music. I have earphones plugged in whenever socially acceptable and I am constantly asked for song recommendations. So I am going to try to post a few songs on Fridays this summer via the website to take people into the weekend with--- of course never to compete with Mink Sunday's Music Monday.

We think we are going to be seeing a lot more from Boomer and Hudson! To purchase your own Boomer & Hudson Tee, visit their website HERE and email your order to!

Gina Made It - Bun Bow Giveaway Winner!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Congratulations to..... Carly Dome! 

You are the winner of the Gina Made It - Bun Bow Giveaway!! Please email your shipping address to so we can mail you your Bun Bows! 

Big thanks to everyone who entered!

If you want to purchase your own Bun Bow, visit Gina Made It!

Bisous, Elle

Met Gala Does Punk

Monday, May 6, 2013

I always love tuning in to see the fashion choices at the Met Gala, but this year I was exceptionally thrilled when I learned the theme was Punk. If you know me well you wouldn't believe that I went through a punk phase (musically people, come on). I would say it was more of a punk/pop phase a la Something Corporate, Fall Out Boy, Green Day etc. My freshman year of college was a tad emo behind dorm doors (ehh hem Caroline hahaha...)

The looks tonight were all over the place but I think that is the sheer essence of Punk. Some people nailed it, some people interpreted it in their own unique ways and some people simply ignored it, yawn...I'm looking at you Kate Upton and Gwyneth Paltrow!

Let's start with my favorites of the night:

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior - A touch of goth, her outfit is all about the details. If you look closely you can see the spikes on the back of her shoes and the fishnet blusher over her face is a beautiful expression of a true rebel rebel. She couldn't have been less enthused about the theme in her interviews however. She's deff a favorite of mine but she still seems so nervous on the red carpet. It does become cute/funny/charming once she has a few drinks in her though....

Gwen Stefani in Maison Martin Margiela - I was excited to see Gwen since she could likely take any outfit from her closet and make it work for the punk theme. This is her bread and butter and she nailed it with a dash of glamour. Signature red lip and a punk inspired up-do I think she interpreted the theme brilliantly.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles Deacon dress, Philip Treacy mohawk head piece and Louboutin custom plaid thigh high boots (swoon). Obviously the queen of couture had to bring it and she did not disappoint. People love to tear her apart (men especially) but I think she is fashion relevant for a reason. Only SJP could have played Carrie Bradshaw and I think she will forever hold a little piece of CB inside of her. You cant see the boots in this picture but they are the quintessential punk red plaid, and I would have thrown a fit if we didn't see SOME interpretation of a mohawk. I think she looks beautiful.

Had to include two pictures of Katie Holmes who looked gorgeous in Calvin Klein. I think she is in my top two for the night mainly because she stayed true to her own style but created an ode to punk within it. The hair is perfect for the dress and theme, but the best part comes when she turns around and you see the dress is all torn and tattered at the train. She looked incredible.

Yes, Yes, Yes - So so good. Taylor in J Mendel (who she loves to wear) looks incredible. The hair, the make up, the webbed netting and cut outs on the dress, I'm obsessed. And do I spy a pink extension on the left side? Subtle, rebellious and perfect. 

Anne Hathaway in vintage Valentino (1992). This makes me happy because I usually hate everything Anne does when it comes to fashion. Most noticeable was her hair turned a bleached out blond color and styled just right for the night. I am ALWAYS a long hair girl, short hair irritates me usually but I think she looks amazing and gorgeous. I wish I could see a close up shot of those nails...

Now The Fails:

Nicole Richie in Topshop - I just...I mean...I can't. I get what she was trying to do here but it looks like something that was done last minute before running out the door thinking it was a genius idea which quickly turned into genius idea gone wrong. She looks like the bride of Frankenstein...not at all punk, just corpse bride. And the dress looks 70's hippie bridal to me, again not punk. The only thing I can really appreciate is the ear cuff but that wasn't by any means unique to the night...This is horrible.

Miley Cyrus in Marc Jacobs -  Umm looking more like Guy Fieri after a nice crack smoking session. I mean this is so wrong in so many ways. First, I get why she considers this as punk, but its TOO cliched! Not to mention, you want to go with the theme but not make it look scary Halloween... I mean you still want to look pretty, right? I'm sorry but she looks straight up like a vision from a clown nightmare. Terrifying...

Hilary Rhoda in Wes Gordon leather pants and a sheer high/low top. This outfit annoyed me SO much. While the intricate top is eye catching and gorgeous, she really needed to be in a dress especially as a host for the live streaming event!! This looks like an outfit for a night out at a trashy club with your girlfriends circa 2000 (think Danity Kane, Dream or 3LW). I am so into leather (currently on the search for a dream leather jacket and just purchased a short black leather mini in NYC this weekend) but she should have worn a leather dress with some serious metal hardware accessories or safety pins or SOMETHING... Should have gone more daring and less cheesy. 

Katy Perry in Dolce & Gabbana - There is such thing as trying too hard. This is what it looks like. I don't believe this outfit at all. She mentioned that she was trying to channel Joan of Arc...wait, what? I don't get it. Methinks you just wanted to wear a crown and unfortunately you ended up looking like a character that would roam around Disney World. I don't dig it.

Who were your favorites of the night? I also loved Cameron Diaz in her spiked gold belt and front caped dress but I couldn't find a good picture... 

Bisous, Elle