Black Is Back

Monday, November 6, 2017

Black Is Back


Black is Back: In a BIG way.
Ok, so it never really went anywhere, and it will always be a closet staple, but there is just something about a full-black ensemble that feels totally refreshing, time and time again. Like you've hit the re-set button, and have a clean slate to work with...Literally EVERY. TIME. 
And once those temperatures start to drop, I go straight into witchy witch mode, and only want to sport head-to-toe, full black looks. 
Here are a few of my current favorite pieces to shop for this season:


ONE - This is at the tippy top of my shopping list. They had me at fur cuffs. Style alone or peep those furry babies out from under a tailored coat sleeve.

TWO -  Tory is absolutely killing the coat game this season. This one is a serious favorite.

THREE - I bought my first bodysuit a few months ago, wishing I had seen this cashmere + velvet bow number first!

FOUR - Love, Love Love the vibe of these architectural earrings

FIVE - This bag is it for me this season. The shape is perfection.

SIX - Confession: I used to be a big bow girl.  I sort of veered away from it as it was becoming a little too "cutesy" for me, but this clutch is sucking me back in!

SEVEN - The tortoise heel on these otherwise basic black booties is what every designer should be doing. A little surprise on a tailored classic. 100% yes.

EIGHT - I picked these up during the last Shopbop sale and know they will be on repeat all winter.

THIS & THAT 9.28.17

Thursday, September 28, 2017

1. Le sigh... Dying to wear these navy velvet leggings, but today was 89 degrees...

2. I shazammed this song while I was shopping the other day, and it's been on repeat ever since!

3. Ummmm... has anyone heard about Giraffe Manor? This is going on the bucket list. STAT.

4. Have been obsessed with this Miles Redd console table, and seeing it installed over on Pencil & Paper has me convinced, I need it!

5. Just purchased this cult favorite. Excited to try!

6. Need your help: Black or Gray?

7. Gonna need to add this little number to my hat collection.

8. Just booked our 3 year anniversary trip back to where we were married! If you're booking a Nantucket trip, I cannot recommend a better place to stay.

9. Just added this coffee table book to my cart!

10. My absolute favorite item to buy from Trader Joe's is their $3 bunches of eucalyptus. Every thanksgiving, I am responsible for the tablescape and this year I'm thinking of re-creating this

11. Thinking about a pair of these for our living room. They look fantastic installed!

My Fall Wishlist

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Wish Fall List 8.14.17

Gotta love a good wishlist!
Here's to looking forward to cooler temps, cozy knits and plush velvets (I'm obsessed with those navy velvet leggings). One trend I am seeing a lot of (and LOVING) is pearl embellished details on everything! The jacket and booties above are two of my favorite executions.
Also, while I continue to collect our absurdly expensive wedding china (insert heart-eye emoji), I love the idea of filling in with some coordinating pieces for entertaining this fall. These gold rim plates go with anything and everything and couldn't be priced better!
What is on your current wishlist?

Black Clutch
Blue and White Shams
Roll Neck Sweater
Cashmere Wrap
Pearl Booties
Rattan Tray Table
Gray Tie Sleeve Sweater
Gold Rimmed Plates
Pear Denim Jacket
Navy Velvet Leggings

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: What I Bought

Monday, July 31, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: What I Bought


Ok, so there's pretty much zero chance that you are unaware of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that is currently going on...
The blogosphere is officially over-saturated with content from the sale, but I did want to quickly chime in to share what I took home with me this year! 

I honestly look forward to this sale every.single.year. Probably because I am just soooo not a summer person and I am forever dreaming of crisp, cool, fall air (ahhh my favorite). 
So without further ado, my haul:

One - These babies arrive tomorrow. I love the fun twist on the casual tee. I snagged the blue and gray colors - Here's hoping that deep-v isn't TOO deep...

Two - I'm obsessed with these OTK boots. They are identical to the Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots, but are 1/3 of the price!

Three - This faux leather jacket. YOU GUYS - I am so excited for this piece. It's backordered but should be making its way to me in a few short weeks and I cannot wait to add it to my fall collection.

Four - Ok so technically these were not part of the sale, but I have been waiting months for these to come back in stock. The price can't be beat - Obsessed

Five - Zella leggings are the BEST alternative to Lululemon. There are so many fun styles, and they make me genuinely excited to work out. These moto ones are a fave pair. The color is actually more teal then it looks on the site, but they are definitely going to be on repeat come September.

Six - A little more daring, but these are super cool. I can't wait to style these with an oversized sweater and moto ankle booties. 

All great staple pieces that will transition me from Fall to Winter. 

Line to Love: Halsbrook

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Line to Love: Halsbrook

I stumbled upon Halsbrook, and fell in love with so many items! The accessories especially are perfectly curated, it's honestly hard to narrow down your wishlist.

After about an hour of scrolling, right-click and saving, I finally put together my must-haves from the brand.
You can shop all of my selected favorites below, and many others here!

Braided Cuff Necklace

Mini Satchel Bag

Two-Tone Coat

Cashmere Travel Wrap

Over Sized Gold Floral Earrings ( My Favorites)

Round Shell Earrings

Silk Crepe Scarf

Star Clutch

French Provincial Garden Inspired

Saturday, June 17, 2017

French Provincial Garden Inspired

Can't stop, won't stop.
It's garden-inspired design all day long for this gal.
Fresh florals or silks - I will take them all!
I am absolutely addicted to bringing the garden-look indoors
#orchids #garlands #botanicalprints

Brown thumb in the garden but a green GOLD thumb in interiors.

You Heard It Here First

Friday, June 16, 2017

You Heard It Here First

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen

J. Crew has been killlllllllling the earring game lately.
Like, actually MURDERING it.
My shopping cart runneth over, and I need help narrowing down!
So tell me, which are your favorites, and which will you be adding to your own collection?
Right now my top three picks are #1, #3, and #6...but then I'm like #8 I obviously need too... and #12...

Bonus: Today these are ALL 25% off -  So basically, we're all screwed.
Happy Shopping!

H&M Home

Thursday, May 25, 2017

H&M Home

Ummmm did anyone else know that H&M has a home line now?
Or am I just that out of touch??

I stumbled upon these gems last night and now I'm dying to get my online shop on. You know how everyone goes on and on about "mixing high and low" and blah blah blah? Well maybe they are on to something when an affordable line is THIS cute. I've said it before, accessories are where the fun is. They're your chance to throw your personality into your space.
So go on, have a little FUN and feel guilt-free while doing it!

Horse Vase - $35 (my top pick - can you imagine some big ass hydrangea in there?)

Spend // Save 5.17.17

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spend // Save 5.17.17

Who doesn't love a good spend vs. save segment?
There are constantly new trends popping up left and right that we're all dying to try (who's on board with FRENCH graphic tees (also here and here)  and who's OVER the off-the-shoulder trend like I am?), but we know in our little hearts (say it with me now) "only staple pieces are worth the investment".

That's where these look-a-likes come in! I'm not gonna lie, those Gucci loafers will be joining my closet, but personally I don't see those as trendy. Meaning, when the hype is over, I will still be massively into them - they're timeless to me.

But if they aren't in the budget, or if you are just looking to have a little fun with your style without breaking the bank, then my "Save" column is here to SAVE you....See what I did there??

Let's dig in:

Gucci // Gucci Look for Less

Gold Slides // Gold Slides Look for Less

Arc Earrings // Arc Earrings Look for Less (I have these!)

Gold Star Wrap Sandals // Gold Star Wrap Sandals Look for Less

Weekend Away: Nantucket

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I LIVE for long weekend getaways.

There's seriously nothing better then packing your bags, hitting the road and getting out of town. It's a perfect opportunity to hang with old friends, recharge your batteries and disconnect from every day life, and I count my blessings every time I am afforded the opportunity! 

I was literally counting the days/hours/seconds until our long weekend away in our favorite spot: 

If you've followed along for the past few years, then you may know that this little 14 mile slice of heaven is a very special place for our family. 

J proposed on the beach in Siasconset in October of 2013 (off season is our favorite time to be on the island), and we were married a year later on the most beautiful Nantucket fall day!

 I've spent weeks in the summers, got in the Christmas spirit for Stroll Weekend, Bundled up for the Fall Cranberry Festival, but I had never been to Daffodil Weekend before, which made this weekend extra exciting for us. We spent 4 perfect days with a handful of our closest friends and visited all of our favorite places. 
The weekend was nothing short of magical and I am already plotting our return.

Below are a few snaps from our trip!

Many people prefer to fly to get on the island quick, and I get it. But truthfully I LOVE to drive. Philadelphia is only about 5 hours from Hyannis, and the ferry is my favorite way to kick off the trip. With the excitement building, the salty air whipping around, and the breathtaking views - it's honestly the best feeling!

We always get the party started on the ferry over to the island. Having just come back from Bermuda, this was a welcomed cocktail.

(shoes are old J.Crew; similar here and here)
Some of the roads in town are cobbled. They're tricky to navigate both in car and on foot, but they sure are pretty!

We stayed with our good friend D who has the most perfect black lacquered front door

(white jeans | half-zip (stolen from J) | sunglasses)
It took us about 10 minutes on the island before we were at our favorite place, the brewery.
Fun Fact: We really wanted to have our rehearsal dinner here, but decided it was too risky since it's all outdoors and we were married in late October. It would be such a cool place to do it though!

The triple Eight Bus at the Brewery

I love spotting the Peter Beaton car around the island!

I didn't get a great shot of the actual festival #daffodilfail but there are thousands of daffodils all over the island - It's gorgeous!

(J.Crew shoes (old)- similar here (also obsessed with these) | blue denim | bag | sweater (love the scalloped neckline) | blazer | sunglasses (obsessed)
We brunched at our wedding venue, The White Elephant. It was so exciting to come back and reminisce on our favorite weekend - I highly recommend this brunch - It's SO good (unlimited buffet, need I say more?) and the views are everything.

We continued our walk down memory lane with a visit to Brant Point Lighthouse where we took a ton of our wedding photos. The daffodil wreath was up for the weekend!

A quick stop at our church. This is my absolute favorite building on the island. If you visit, be sure to do the climb to the top of the tower - the island views are incredible from up there!

Everyone's favorite house on the island - "Point of View". It formerly belonged to Tommy Hilfiger but more importantly, those blues! Lincoln Circle hosts some of the most beautiful homes on the island.

Everyone gets into the theme weekends which makes it all the more special. 

A great tradition for our family is stopping at Mystic Pizza on our way home (one of my all time favorite movies too!). It's a great way to stretch the fun to the last drop! We love to sit around the table, share a pizza and laugh about all of the funny moments from what is always a great weekend.

If you haven't visited Nantucket, you need to put it at the top of your travel list!

My Living Room: Garden Inspired

Friday, May 5, 2017

My Living Room: Garden Inspired

I wanted to share the vision board that became my living room with you all.
I am 100% into soft color palettes...we're talking fully committed. If you've been reading along for a while, then you know my addiction love of neutrals (you wont see any bright, bold jewel tones in my living space). However, I knew given our current lifestyle (a dog that is the center of our world who we let on every piece of furniture) my dreams of an all ivory living room were not realistic. So I decided to take things in a different direction, still keeping those soft tones but bringing the colors and textures of the outdoors inside.
I love a good garden vibe, and decided that was exactly where I would land with this room. I love how it has slowly come together.
It's fresh, clean-lined and simple - just how I like it.

You can shop all of my items below!
Fun Critter
Bamboo Frames
Botanical Prints
Blanket Basket
Natural Fiber Rug
NDI Faux Magnolia Branch (design trade accounts only) Similar Here
White Stone Succulents
Watering Can
Bamboo Table Set

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THIS & THAT 5.4.17

Thursday, May 4, 2017

This Photo belongs to

1. Can we talk about the new colors for Cult Gaia bag?? The pink shell has me feeling faint...Pre-Order here.

2. We just got back from Nantucket (I highly recommend Daffodil Weekend - the island is the BEST during off season!) and on our way home we always stop in Mystic Connecticut for some Mystic Pizza. This is a family tradition for us. We even stopped after our wedding weekend in Nantucket before we went on our honeymoon! Mystic Pizza is one of my top 5 favorite movies #juliaroberts and the pizza is honestly SO good! 
Bonus: They play the movie on loop all, day every day.

3. I picked up these and these before our trip and haven't stopped rotating them!

4. I love to give a good "just because" gift. Today I gave J a picture he has loved for years matted and framed. It's found a nice little home on our bar, and I couldn't be more obsessed! 
Check it out here

5. I've mentioned it before, but I am dying to try this cult favorite. I honestly have never read a negative review. Could it possibly be worth all the hype?

6. Mother's day is coming up which means it's time to start shopping! Thinking these, these or this would be just the ticket!

7. I fell hard for these Charlotte Olympia garden loafers. Get the look for less here and here 

8. We brought sweet baby Bug this little souvenir from Nantucket, and now I can't stop adding to her scarf collection. Wanting this one and this one!

9. If you haven't heard of Rachel Parcell, the creative mind behind Pink Peonies, then you must be living under a rock! Loved this sneak peak into her closet.

10. By day I work in interior design and I recently realized I have become literally OBSESSED with powder rooms. There is just so much punch you can pack into these tiny spaces. If you are looking for powder room inspo, start HERE.

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Slide Into Spring

Friday, April 14, 2017

Slide Into Spring

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9


We all need those "throw on and go" items in our closet, but that doesn't mean you have to limit yourself in the style department!
Slides are your best friend when on the move. An upgrade from your 2002 J.Crew rubber flip flops (Anyone remember the striped platform versions?!? RIP) but still easy enough to throw on and run out the door.

I've rounded up a few of my favorites that are all in-stock and ready to find their new home in your closet. Pair a little chunky healed slide with a breezy midi skirt and you can take your slides out for dinner. Or opt for a menswear tassel mule and become the chicest gal at the office. White jeans with any of these is a hard YES.

Any way you style it, slides are a win!
Just make sure you keep your pedi in check...

Happy Weekend!

THE CUT // NO. 7

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Cut 4/13/17

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Back for the 7th installment of The Cut (which may just be my favorite segment on the blog)
There are some seriously good pieces that I am throwing your way today, so let's dig in.

1. I am in love with this updated twist on the traditional preppy striped shirt. There are about 3 versions of this sitting in my shopping cart currently... It's so hard to choose a style, but I know a few of these will be packed for our weekends at the lake this Summer.

2. I CANNOT handle the tortoise version of the Cult Gaia ark bag. I think my mouth literally dropped open when I saw it! I have the traditional bamboo version (which you've probably seen everywhere by now since it's completely sold out...eye roll) but I am dying for this tortoise one. A close runner up is the pale pink acrylic version which would have been perfect for my Bermuda trip.

3. These Chanel lipsticks are my favorite. My go-to color has always been Adrienne but I am obsessed with Catherine for Summer!

4. The perfect summer top! Blue and white stripes, bows, button-down front....'nuff said. (Pssst! It's also included in the ShopBop sale)

5. Also included in the sale are these adorable joggers which come in navy or gray. A weekend uniform staple!

6. I've become a statement earring hoarder. These are next on my hit list!

7. Remember that weekend uniform we just talked about? Just add these, and your gold....The question is, Gray? or Blush?

8. Spring is fiiiiiiiinally here which means its time to spruce your world up. Get started by giving your bar cart a face lift. My parents had these liquor bottle tags on their bar when I was growing up and I always loved to play with them. They're such a cool addition to any set up!

9. #NEED

10. The perfect summer earring for your beach/lake/Caribbean getaway

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Palm Sunday

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Palm Sunday

Who ISN'T ready for Spring?
This week's snow day(s) was fun (I didn't get out of bed until noon on Tuesday.... no really) but I'm ready for Stella to go home now....#GIRLBYE

Once daylight savings hits it's time for after work happy hours, spring blooms and a wardrobe refresh.
Lately all things palm are catching my eye. If you peeped my insta story from Monday, then you saw I just picked up these insanely cool placemats. I cant wait to host an outdoor Spring dinner party so I can use them!

Also, can we pause for a moment and take in the adorable-ness of those palm leaf slides? Charlotte Olympia always kills it with her cheeky shoe designs.

Lastly, I'm obsessed with incorporating palm leaves into home d├ęcor choices (that sofa is killllllling me). Specifically one giant leaf displayed in a cool statement jar or vase. Put it in the kitchen, or on a display shelf, or in the powder room...endless options. You can score the one above from CB2

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Home Edition

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Home Edition


OK. I am actually addicted to shopping for home decor items. 
It's a constant struggle working in the interior design world (follow us here!) and being exposed to the most beautiful homes that are FULL of inspiration. However I can't say that's where this love affair began. While I have always loved shopping for clothing, make-up shoes etc., my true obsession has always been small home design details. Ask me how many blue and white ginger jars I own (I'm not ashamed). Tell me I don't need that NDI magnolia plant (I won't listen). I have to feed my monster. My interior design monster. And if you want some home decor inspo, you have come to the right place. 

Here are some items on my short hand shopping list. All easy breezy. All #necessary.

1. If I told you this mirror was $38, could you even possibly believe me? I wouldn't lie to you friends.

2. A pink garden hose?? A PINK GARDEN HOSE.

3. Judging this book by it's cover... Judging hard.

4. I've got 2 of these beauties in my living room. The shades are rimmed in gold!

5. Ordering this table this week to sit under an oversized framed floral print we have hanging in the living room.

6. These chairs are crazy cool. They are also sold as a pair which is a win. I am wanting a set to sit opposite one another in front of our fire place.

7. Probably my favorite Suzanne Kasler piece. This baby is what kitchen island dreams are made of.

8. My new little buddy. I've been obsessed with these animal foot stools since I was a child. I used to play with my uncle's lion version. J named our new little hippo, Gunther. Welcome to the family Gunther!

9. If you read my post on little luxuries (you can read it here) then you know I am a super advocate for nice sheets. This pair is begging to be added to the collection. To. Die. For.

10. The little tassel detail on these towels makes me giddy!

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Small Pleasures

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Small Pleasures


I realized that I've become addicted to pinning "secret" boards on Pinterest. I have no idea why I keep this one secret, but I do. However today I'm feeling extra generous (you're welcome) so I am going to reveal my "Small Pleasures" board. Honestly, it's really the simple things in life that make me smile. I mean that! What may seem like an odd assortment is actually a perfectly curated compilation of some of my favorite little tid-bits that brighten up my world. In short, these pieces are ME. 


These small Nantucket prints make me smile as they remind me of my favorite place on this planet, and also bring back wonderful memories of our wedding day. We were blessed with a gorgeous sunshiny October Nantucket day. I can't wait to get back to the little slice of heaven in just a few short weeks!

I am in desperate need of new luggage and I love the customization of this piece. Also, I think I've finally learned my lesson after my last Bermuda trip that a wheel-y bag is #NECESSARY.

These little sea sponges sit in my bathroom in this set of apothecary jars, and I love the natural vibe that they bring into the space.

These horn pieces make my heart sing. They are the definition of simplistic perfection and look gorgeous adorned on a vanity top. Shop the handled comb here, the hair hook here, and the long comb here.

I definitely let out a little squeal when I discovered this adorable fox letter opener. He is just too damn cute! Do you use a letter opener everyday? Probably not. But you should! At the very least, style this little guy on your desk and get ready to smile with every use.

I was casually shopping in Anthropology a few weeks ago and came across their beauty section (one I admittedly tend to pass over). Out of the corner of my eye I saw all of these gorgeous gold brushes out on display, and was instantly drawn to them. Once I felt how soft the brush was coupled with that beautiful shiny base, I was sold. I've been using the powder brush every day and I am full-on addicted.

These earrings! I went to an India Hicks shopping event a few months ago, and was blown away by this woman. Listening to her speak, I was so inspired by her stories of her childhood and background and was also super impressed with her stunning collection. These little sparklers were one of my very favorites. I also walked away with this delicate necklace which is a must-have!

One of my favorite (and super random) things about our house is the linen/storage closet. It helps to keep my organized which is massively needed in my life. We keep the usual, extra towels and linens, a back supply of our favorite candles, and a few bathroom supplies. This little wooden "Guest" toothbrush set is the perfect item to tuck away until you have a favorite visitor. They will certainly appreciate the small gesture. And did I mention they are $12.50 for a set? LOVE them.

I have been having a serious love affair with this wooden salad bowl and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm seriously so obsessed with it and I am just waiting for that right moment to pounce. P.S. I found a serious look alike at Homegoods recently if you want the look for less. Me? I am holding out for the real deal. #saladbowlrelationshipgoals

Just a girl and her coffee table books... I seriously put 3-4 of these bad boys on my Christmas list each year, and I always keep a running list of ones I want to add to the pile. So I guess you could say I'm a collector? And honestly, this is the one case when it's totally OK to judge a book by it's cover. In fact I encourage it! Also, show me one person who doesn't love blue and white. I mean if you don't love blue and white - GIRLBYE. Shop these ones here and here

Rattan for the win! I recently picked up a gorgeous rattan umbrella stand (because I needed it, that's why) and have this tissue cover in each of our bathrooms. I love a good rattan charger or server for entertaining, and also a classic rattan hamper for the bedroom. Give me all the rattan all the time.

There you have it. Some of my favorite guilty small pleasures. What are yours?


Silver Spun

Monday, February 27, 2017

Silver Spun


Having a shiny moment over here...
Forever and always I would swing toward warmer metals/metallics (gold). But lately, I'm going crazy for silver tones and cool sparkly details. 
Enter the "Silver Spun" inspo board.

If you've followed along for a while, you know that I have quite the collection of metallic shoes. I've got gold, silver, rose gold - you name it. But how killer is a statement silver-foil midi skirt (I have that one pictured above and have found SO many ways to wear it) or some silver sparklers for your ears? If all that glimmers is gold, then all that sparkles is silver?  (I've had two tequilas bear with me here...)

Also, not sure when I became an old person (help?) but lately all I want is a cool watering can. I originally had my eye on this one, but keeping on trend with my silver moment, I've added this one to my cart.

I'm too lazy distracted watching the Oscars to tag all of the items, but if you want to know where something is from, drop a comment or send a direct message (

Have a good week!


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Ready, Set, Glow

Friday, February 24, 2017

Ready, Set, Glow


Happy Friday, friends!
Thank God for this short week and that it has flown by.
We're back at it today with a great new wishlist to share.

Lately everything I've been saving, pinning, and clipping seems to follow one simple pattern - If it's soft in color, shiny, or glowy (that's a word, right?), I want it.
Let's dig in…

1. What's up with this weather? For the past few days it's felt like full-on Spring in Philadelphia and I am NOT complaining! These linen floral flats are basically begging to be added to my cart.

2. I've been obsessed/on the hunt for the perfect gold collar for years...literally years. I think my prayers have finally been answered with this little number.

3. These hand gesture statues are the coolest. Period.

4. I personally always go statement earrings over statement necklace. These are a solid yes!

5. The lazy girl in me has really been wanting a great pair of bedroom slippers and I finally found the best pair! How pretty are they?

6. Have had this gorgeous shell clutch my cart for weeks. It may be time to bite the bullet eeek!

7. I first fell in love with the pegasus table when I saw it styled in Giuliana Rancic's Traditional Home article. Thank God for my trade discount... It will be mineeeee.

8. I am in love with the Moon Arc Bench from Safavieh. That is all.

9. The Nest holiday candle is one of my very favorites, but I am dying to try some of the other scents. Do you have a favorite?

10. Molton Brown is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. All of the scents are SO good its hard to choose. The soap/lotion set is a powder room must-have.

11. I am addicted to Chanel lipstick. The colors are incredible and weirdly, I love the way they smell. FYI my favorite shade is #402 Adrienne.

Ready, Set, Glow!

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