Home Edition

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Home Edition


OK. I am actually addicted to shopping for home decor items. 
It's a constant struggle working in the interior design world (follow us here!) and being exposed to the most beautiful homes that are FULL of inspiration. However I can't say that's where this love affair began. While I have always loved shopping for clothing, make-up shoes etc., my true obsession has always been small home design details. Ask me how many blue and white ginger jars I own (I'm not ashamed). Tell me I don't need that NDI magnolia plant (I won't listen). I have to feed my monster. My interior design monster. And if you want some home decor inspo, you have come to the right place. 

Here are some items on my short hand shopping list. All easy breezy. All #necessary.

1. If I told you this mirror was $38, could you even possibly believe me? I wouldn't lie to you friends.

2. A pink garden hose?? A PINK GARDEN HOSE.

3. Judging this book by it's cover... Judging hard.

4. I've got 2 of these beauties in my living room. The shades are rimmed in gold!

5. Ordering this table this week to sit under an oversized framed floral print we have hanging in the living room.

6. These chairs are crazy cool. They are also sold as a pair which is a win. I am wanting a set to sit opposite one another in front of our fire place.

7. Probably my favorite Suzanne Kasler piece. This baby is what kitchen island dreams are made of.

8. My new little buddy. I've been obsessed with these animal foot stools since I was a child. I used to play with my uncle's lion version. J named our new little hippo, Gunther. Welcome to the family Gunther!

9. If you read my post on little luxuries (you can read it here) then you know I am a super advocate for nice sheets. This pair is begging to be added to the collection. To. Die. For.

10. The little tassel detail on these towels makes me giddy!

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