THIS & THAT 9.28.17

Thursday, September 28, 2017

1. Le sigh... Dying to wear these navy velvet leggings, but today was 89 degrees...

2. I shazammed this song while I was shopping the other day, and it's been on repeat ever since!

3. Ummmm... has anyone heard about Giraffe Manor? This is going on the bucket list. STAT.

4. Have been obsessed with this Miles Redd console table, and seeing it installed over on Pencil & Paper has me convinced, I need it!

5. Just purchased this cult favorite. Excited to try!

6. Need your help: Black or Gray?

7. Gonna need to add this little number to my hat collection.

8. Just booked our 3 year anniversary trip back to where we were married! If you're booking a Nantucket trip, I cannot recommend a better place to stay.

9. Just added this coffee table book to my cart!

10. My absolute favorite item to buy from Trader Joe's is their $3 bunches of eucalyptus. Every thanksgiving, I am responsible for the tablescape and this year I'm thinking of re-creating this

11. Thinking about a pair of these for our living room. They look fantastic installed!