Music Monday + Giveaway Announcement!

Monday, April 29, 2013

We're gonna be quick on this Music Monday and get to the good stuff - aka a new Giveaway announcement! Have been loving this song lately. Lana Del Rey is terrible live, but she produces some good songs including this one. I think I'm most excited because it's from the upcoming Great Gatsby movie done by Baz Luhrmann (same guy who did Claire Danes and Leo's Romeo and Juliet - aaaamazing). It may be cliche, but The Great Gatsby is truly my favorite book. Last year J and I went to visit F Scott Fitzgerald's grave site which is randomly in Rockville Maryland. He was just an incredible writer. Movie comes out on May 10th if you are interested. I'm already hearing great things...

 Now on to the fun - I am so excited to announce that Mink Sunday will be partnering with Gina Made It! Gina is a very talented designer and the master mind behind the Bun Bow and I CAN'T.GET.ENOUGH! Make sure to check back tomorrow night because one lucky Mink Sunday reader will win a killer giveaway directly from Gina Made It! Below is a little teaser of just how cute the Bun Bows  are...

My friend Caroline M wearing her Navy Gina Made It Bow Bun.

Bisous, Elle


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