Holiday Wishlist - Favorites Edition

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Holiday Wishlist - Favorites Edition

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Am I the only one who gets immediate post-holiday blues? Wahhh I miss it already!

Christmas Eve is actually my favorite over Christmas morning because that feeling of holiday spirit all around you, coupled with the building anticipation for that burst of December 25th happiness, is probably the best feeling there is.

 As much as you want the morning to come, you also wish it would hold off for forever so you can continue living in the magical, sparkly, frasier fir scented world that we create in our homes, in town, and in church. On the 26th, I always wake up and try to keep the feeling alive by baking more cookies, listening to more holiday music, and enjoying all of the sweet treats and presents I received. I figure I can keep this going at least until New Years, right?!

This year I got to see Christmas through the eye's of my darling niece, Isla. It was so fun to watch her open presents and play with the paper and ribbons and all of her new toys. She was definitely the highlight of the holiday this year.

I hope Santa was good to everyone. Above are a few favorites that I received under the tree.

Feeling very thankful for all that I have this year.



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