Not Just A Hat Rack

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Alright so, I will just put it out there. I love hats. I'm a toootal hat person. I never knew it until a few years back, but thank you Jesus for allowing me to make this discovery! You may think you could never be a hat person, but YES.YOU.CAN.

Giant sunnies are a great accessory but a hat makes a whole other statement AND they are so fun! So without further ado, a few of my favorite hats that every girl should have in her closet. You're welcome.

Lets work in seasons...


The Beanie. You all need to go out and purchase a good beanie. Slouch it off the back of your head and pull your hair forward (cashmere is a dream but any knit will do). Adds a tiny touch of hipster but can be worn by anyone with any style. Black is so chic and its a great transition piece from fall into winter. LOVE.

The Fur Hat. So this one is obviously not for everyone but I think its major. It definitely has to be the right place and time but you can't tell me you wouldn't want to wear this on a snowy day with some great boots and a cozy coat....Well I want to.

The Floppy Hat. When spring rolls around its time for garden parties, horse races and spring break. Enter the floppy hat. I personally would skip the monogram and would aim for more neutral tones, but this hat is crucial for shielding the skin from the sun and making a grand entrance. For bold hat lovers only.

The Baseball Hat. Guys look amazing in baseball hats, I'm sorry but they do. Something about a guy in a baseball hat really gets me...BUT this one's for the girls too. Try throwing on a baseball hat next time your heading out on a Saturday or Satur-night! You'd be surprised what a baseball hat can go with. Last weekend I did an over sized cashmere sweater, ripped jeans and the above LA Dodgers hat and got so many compliments! Ok mostly people were asking why I was a dodgers fan but that's the best part. I'm not. I know nothing about the dodgers but I like the colors...Sorry? I also think a baseball hat with a leather jacket combo can be Bad.Ass. But again that's for the risk takers and edgy mamas.


The Straw Fedora. Don't be thrown off by the word "fedora". I detest it frankly, but if you can get past the word you can find happiness in this item. I had this exact hat pictured above from Urban Outfitters but unfortunately it met an untimely death this past summer and is now swimming with the fishes...Quite literally actually. A few posts back I talked about our trip to Cape Cod. What started out as a boozy ferry ride ended in ultimate sadness when the wind took my beloved straw fedora hat from me. Go ahead Kelly, text me now and tell me how hard you are laughing.... Anyways, with a cute little bow detail like that, this one's a DO.

The Panama Hat. The straw fedora's prettier, cooler step sister, is a major addition to your closet. I'm seeing this one working for a day at the winery or a weekend getaway/road trip with friends. I've kind of been sweating this hat for a while but never bit the bullet. Oh well, next summer it will be something new and just as cute. 

FALL: (my favorite!!)

The Outback Hat: So trying to explain this to my friend Kelly tonight over a mani/pedi turned into a total debacle but hopefully now she will see that the outback hat is COOL...I mean if princess perfect approves of it then I tell you, it's cool. Anyways I own the above hat as well and every year  I look forward to pulling it out, dusting it off and packing it up for my annual mountain weekend trip away with friends. The rugged leather and braid/feather detail completes the look. May not be your taste but I LOVE.

The Felt Panama/Outback Hybrid. Sorry, I'm exhausted and I have no flippin idea what to call this one, but I just added it to my cart (currently on sale at Urban). I don't really need another hat and I suppose I could ask Santa for it so I'm going to sleep on it...Who am I kidding this will be on it's way to my apartment by tomorrow morning. Thanks for the read!

Bisous - Elle