Tis BEST to give than to receive

Thursday, December 20, 2012

With Christmas just 5 days away, the excitement is at an ultimate high. While we anxiously count down the hours to presents, parties, feasts and family, its important to remember those who do not have the same privilege and those who facing adversity this holiday season. They actually say that if you really want to help, volunteer any time besides Christmas since everyone has the same idea and organizations are often flooded with help. That said, there are many small ways to give back RIGHT now. They are simple, take only a few moments of your time but make a HUGE impact. Below are my three favorite ways to help out. I hope you will join me this holiday season to assist those who are less fortunate or those who simply need some Christmas cheer. Please feel free to email me should you need any additional details! Minksundaylove.com

Besos- Elle

Three favorite ways to give back this holiday season:

1). Adopt a child. No, I don't mean physically adopt them (I mean...if you can, then you win the ultimate give back award) but at your local mall, department stores, churches, and I think maybe even target? you can choose a child off a "wishing tree" where they have written their wishes to Santa. You simply select a child, boy or girl, and try to check off their list. Most of the time the kids will ask for clothing items because they desperately need them so if that's the case, I always throw in some toys in their age range and a few little extra surprises. This is really a special way to give back. When you are sitting in your family room on Christmas morning, you can think about the smile that is likely beaming across that child's face when he sees that Santa came and brought him the new ______. Once you buy the gifts, there should be a customer service desk where you turn them in along with the ticket you selected and that's it. It's really that simple, many places don't even require wrapping. I love this.

2). Provide a meal. They actually couldn't make this one any easier. Take a look in your local grocery store and usually when you first walk in or somewhere near the register, there are pre-packaged bags of essential items and ingredients to make a warm home cooked holiday meal. I always thought that this happened just around Thanksgiving, but discovered in my local Safeway store in D.C. that they are still promoting this opportunity which is FANTASTIC. Every bag is the same and it should have the receipt printed out and stapled to the outside of the bag listing the contents and price which is usually around $10...aka CHEAP. If you want to get extra creative put a bag of your own together and drop it off at a local food bank or corresponding venue. I'm planning to grab a few of these bags next time I'm at the register. You should too.

3) Write a letter. Who doesn't appreciate a good old fashioned, hand written letter especially around the holidays? Well, my good friend Morgan, who works for CBS sent me an email listing off the addresses for the first responders of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. These people not only put their lives on the line, they also had to endure the most horrific side of this tragedy. They are truly bravest of the brave and for that, they deserve at the very least a BIG thank you! I have included the addresses below - take a moment and send a note it means more than you know.

Monroe Police Department
7 Fan Hill Road
Monroe, CT 06468

Newtown Police Department
3 Main Street
Newtown, CT 06470

Connecticut State Police
Public Information Office
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457


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