Girls with Pearls.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Coming to you live from my bed...still ughh... Thought I'd share a new accessory that I'm SUPER into right now. In fact, my fingertips are still warm from having just ordered some off of Etsy! If you caught the Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Chanel show, then you got a healthy dose of under the sea magic and alabaster beauty. As per usual the clothing did not disappoint, but what I really couldn't keep my eyes off of was the HAIR. Enter pearl bobbies.

At first glance these might seem too bridal for everyday wear, but I plan to rock these daytime, nightime and really any time. Picture a messy top knot with one or two of these bobbies twisted into the sides, or long loose waves with a few random pieces pulled back and secured with the delicate pearl detail. I LOVE this. Pick some up off Etsy for as little as $12 or DIY it!

If princess perfect gives us the stamp of her approval, then I think we can go forward pearl clad and confident!

Bisous, Elle


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