Trending Tuesday - Scuba Do? Or Scuba Don't?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hi Babes,

Today I'm introducing a new segment (thanks to the suggestion of my wonderful friend Drake). Every Tuesday we will take a look at a current trend and decide if it's a DO or a Don't. Usually I like to kick things off on a positive note, but there is one trend I cannot get on board with (I actually didn't even mean to just pun). That would be the SCUBA trend...I mean what??

I get the bodycon dresses, I mean Herve Leger nailed it for a while there (mehh, over it now) and by all means a tight LBD will never lead us astray, but the scuba sensation I just do not get. I didn't feel cute when I put on my scuba suit in 10th grade to go swimming with dolphins and I can't imagine much of a difference trying to squeeze my bod into a scuba dress. Just typing that makes me confused. We don't need insulation when going out for a night on the town, if anything we need breathability! And that fabric - itchy, cheap, thick...just some adj's that come to mind.

That's a NO thanks for me but would love to hear your thoughts on this trend. Is it a DO or a DON'T for you? Chime in and always feel free to drop me a note in the comments section or at!

Until next Tuesday my friends....

On the left Michael Kors and Nasty Gal knock-off on the right

A scuba shrug? no no no no.

Bisous, Elle


  1. I think the SCUBA trend at IVY's annual Halloween party is the only acceptable time for SCUBA attire at latenight. Those flippers can be treacherous though. (Ask Jamie to tell you about it)