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Sunday, June 16, 2013

I am a big fan of discounted home decor stores such as Home Goods and World Market. There's a lot of crap inside, but if you have a good eye, you can find some amazing pieces for super cheap. I love mixing high end items with low end items which adds a little character to your space. I would always suggest investing in the main pieces such as a couch, art work, bed/bedding etc, but then fill in with some lower end decorative pieces ie. throw pillows, coffee table accessories, mirrors (which can be SO expensive).

These stores can definitely be hit or miss and sometimes I leave disappointed and empty handed, but other times they are very on point. I poked around in both stores this afternoon and while I didn't purchase anything (I am out of space until my move in October), I came across some really cute pieces

Bisous, Elle

This lucite ghost chair was a great find. They usually run around $400 and up and this one was a perfect $129. I wish it had had a mate though.

Loved this rope mirror. Mirrors are always so expensive and this one was a really substantial piece for only $50!

This Ralph Lauren sisal runner was another great find. It came with either a red, black or neutral border and was priced at $24! I want to go back for a few of these.

The picture doesn't do this piece justice. The faux floral section of Home Goods has some great stuff (esp. the topiaries!). Obviously I would take a bunch of real hydrangeas over these but I loved the arrangement in an old farm milk crate (not shown). Price point was $40, a little steep for what it was, but I still thought they were pretty. 

Loved this little watering can. Would be cute to use as a vase with some fresh peonies and hydrangeas. Very shabby chic.

Great beverage bucket for entertaining. Love the rope detailed handles. Fill it with some ice and a few bottles of champagne and you are good to go!

Another piece from the garden dept. This one was only $20 and has a substantial mirrored base. 

These driftwood hurricanes were found at World Market. They were more than I would want to spend between $15-$40 each, but I am thinking this might be my next DIY. Will need to collect some driftwood when I am in Nantucket in July!


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