Registry Items: Bedroom Edition

Monday, August 10, 2015

While registering I tried to break everything down by room type and was sure to include a mix of necessities as well as personal-touch decor. Below are a few of my favorite items for the bedroom. Each adds character and comfort to one of my favorite living spaces. Shop the links below!

Registry Items: Bedroom Edition

1. Great bedding will change your life. Experts (me) suggest investing in high-end bedding to  help you sleep sounder and wake up ready to rise and grind. These sheets were recommended by my friend, Devon (she swears by them).

2. Personalize it. There are only a few places that I think a monogrammed touch works. If you had asked my 15 year old self I would have said monogram EVERYTHING but I have become more conservative with my initialing habits. One item I do approve of is monogrammed bedding. These Matouk shams are gorgeous and add a fun touch with your combined married initials.

3.  Buy matching bedside lamps. Its no secret, I love a symmetrical viewpoint. I once lived in an apartment where the bed was set up against the wall so there was only one bedside table, and it literally drove me crazy!! Find a great pair of matching lamps to anchor on each side of the bed creating a nice balance in the room. I had these on my registry and love them.

4. Keep Time. I have recently become obsessed with bedside table clocks. They make for a great decorative accent, but also serve a functional purpose. I added this one to my registry, but there are so many cute options out there like the one above (who wants to give me $4,750?)

5. Herend Figurines. Let's be clear: I am NOT a trinket person, but these little glass pieces definitely make the cut. The adorable animal selections along with the various colors and sizes add great detail on any bookshelf or bedside table. We got this little chick in green (Thanks Morgan!) and I love him.

6. Storage. I would say the number one thing I have learned over the years is that you can NEVER have enough storage. I really struggled when J and I moved in together combining all of our belongings and finding that we just didn't have enough room for all of our crap. Baskets like these are an attractive way to hide your junk and keep you organized. Fill with your books/magazines or throw blankets if you are always cold like me and tuck it nicely away under your side table. 

7. Luggage Racks. One of the very first things I added to our registry was a matching pair of luggage racks. Typically placed in a guest room but definitely work in your own bedroom. Am I the only one who's discarded clothing tends to pile up during the week (sometimes you are just too tired to re-hang/fold) amiright?

8. Reading materials. I'd love to say that we don't have a t.v. in our bedroom that we watch every night before bed but that's just not the case. However, when I do find a great book that grabs me I typically can't put it down. I do also find that I get a better nights sleep when I read before bed rather than watching t.v. What's everyone reading? I'm finishing up this currently but need something new!

9. Hydration. I cannot make it through a night without water.  I think the little bedside decanters with the drinking glass are so cute/practical. I registered for this one but I am loving the above one found here too!

10. Cashmere Throw (see item 6). I am literally always freezing, even in the summer. I love having a cozy throw blanket near by to layer-up. You can find a massive range of price points (the one above will set you back quite a bit), but one of my favorites which I've had for years can be found here - Restoration Hardware


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