Bunk Up

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Aside from one (only mildly scaring) incident from when I was younger beware of the top bunk fall, I have always thought bunk beds were the coolest addition to a bedroom. And this one is not just for the kids when paired with soft/neutral tones, seriously cool light fixtures and a smooth breadboard finish. Bonus if you have built-ins and/or stairs. 

These sets are perfect for a vacation house (so you can pack in your visitors and maximize your space). I reeeeally want to have a fun set of bunks in a guest room someday.

Some bunk bed inspiration below.

Love the Perpendicular Angle

Beach House Ready

Added Fun with the Rope Ladder

Easy Up Stairs

What!! SO GOOD

Lots of Natural Light

A Little's Dream

Rustic Living

Queen Sized Bunk Beds!

Ski Lodge Perfection


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