On Safari

Friday, September 18, 2015

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably seen TSwift's newest video for Wildest Dreams (my favorite off of 1989). The Safari-esq backdrop mixed with the old time-y Hollywood glamour vibe is a serious jaw dropper. Feeling inspired, I wanted to create a modern twist on safari looks (no shock there since I got to live in a world of neutrals for this post - absolutely loving olive green).

Going on safari is definitely on my bucket list. I love animals and travel, but have never done anything like it. It would certainly be an 'out of my comfort zone' type of adventure, but it is one I welcome with challenge and excitement.

My heart broke when I heard the news of the killing of Cecil the lion. He was 13 years old and was such an incredible creature. His life was taken all because the man wanted a lion head mounted on his wall…how sick! If we don't take action to protect our wildlife, much sooner than later it will cease to exist. Your children's children will never know the sweet animals that once were (how crazy is that!). If you want to help protect our wildlife and put an end to trophy hunting, please consider making a donation or signing a petition to the government. You can do so by visiting the IFAW website here!

On Safari


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