Play On

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Play On


The playroom is the area for decorative FUN! So be daring in this space. 

Bright colors, bold wallpaper, and playful accents are necessary.

Take decorative risks, and make sure the set-up is conducive to play and learn.

Some Playroom Must Haves:
Baskets, Baskets, Baskets! - not only do they look chic, they also help to hide the clutter and keep things looking neat and tidy.

Comfortable furniture that can be climbed on and loved - avoid sharp edges and delicate (i.e. breakable) pieces.

Dark colors: opt for a darker shade when choosing an area rug or couch - easier to hide spills and possible likely marker mistakes (who doesn't love to color outside of the lines?!).

Fun artwork on the walls to inspire and encourage make-believe.

I can't wait to one day decorate a great playroom!



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