What I Bought The Boy: Gift Ideas For Your Guy

Thursday, November 12, 2015

What I Bought The Boy: Gift Ideas For Your Guy


The one (mini) mistake that J and I made (without realizing) was putting our wedding in late October. I was obsessed with being married in October and wouldn't consider another month…my bad. While it was the perfect time of year to be married, we neglected to think about the fact that my birthday was two weeks later (Nov 7) and then Jeremy's 4 days later on the 11th. Couple the anniversary and birthdays with all of the holiday celebrations and we have set ourselves up for empty bank accounts and overall end-of-year exhaustion. Don't get me wrong it's all great fun, but not gonna lie, it's a lot to pack into a few weeks! 

I'm thinking next year we do one big trip to celebrate it all!

I thought I'd compile a list of some of the gifts I have bought for J over the years as a sort of gift-guide for the special boy in your life (boyfriend, husband, brother, dad…). Hint: I find that clothing, booze, and electronics are never misses. 

For his birthday yesterday I got him this and then those Artemis kilim loafers (pictured above). The shoes are so cool as each pair is one of a kind, with materials cut from Turkish carpets. They have amaaaazing women's shoes too!

The needlepoint life belt I made him years ago is also one of his favorites that he still loves and wears all the time, though I need to make him a new one as we have a new anniversary date and some new milestones to add!

What are some great gifts you have bought for your favorite guys?


Sonos Smart Speakers (comes in three sizes)

PS4 (I bought him PS3 a few years ago - worst idea, we basically didn't talk for days while he played…

KanJam - This game is SO fun 

Quilted Barbour Coat - Got J the black!

Waxed Barbour Jacket - This was one of the first gifts I ever gave J and 5 years later he's still wearing and loving - great purchase!

Life Belt - If you can't needle point your own, work with Smathers & Branson for a custom belt, they are great!

Johnnie Walker Blue Label - Tip: Get the custom engraved bottle to celebrate a special event!

Ferragamo Driving Shoes - Now on sale! 

Artemis Kilim Shoes - One of a kind! Make sure to check the size guide


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