Girly Brunch

Monday, October 12, 2015

Girly Brunch

I'm not typically a big pink girl (I lean more towards ivory, champagne, camel, grey etc) but sometimes it's fun to be super feminine and frilly and pile on the cotton candy, bubbly pink hues. No better time to do so than a saturday morning girls brunch. Mixing all different punches and shades is a very big 'do', and in this case, pretty much anything goes. Checklist includes flower overload, bottles of rose, cupcakes, cookies, macaroons, bows, stripes, and fun delicate finger foods. Work in shades of cream, touches of gold and your best gal pals and you've got your morning set for you!

Bonus: Have you guys ever heard of Cake Pulls? This is a fun southern tradition where small charms attached to colorful ribbons are placed into the top layer of the cake under the icing (ribbons hang out). Each charm has a special meaning and one by one each friend gets to pull a charm from the cake determining their fortune. You can order the charms online and have your local bakery place them in an ordered cake for you. It is really fun to do with friends!



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