Textured Entryway

Friday, October 30, 2015

Textured Entryway


One corner of the house that is super fun to style is the entryway. You want this area to be spot-on since it's the first impression you will make on your guests. It's also the first space you will see when you come home each day, so you want it to be happy and playful but also functional (i.e. a place to toss your keys or the mail). 

For this area, I'm personally drawn to soft tones, lots of lush plant life (give me those planters!), and great pieces of artwork/mirrors. For decorative items, pick pieces that are personal to you and that also represent who you are. I love Herend figurines and interesting bookends, so I included both above. 

Lighting is important and depends on your space, but if your recessed lighting isn't enough, always add a table lamp. Scratch that - always, always add a table lamp no matter what your lighting situation is…it balances out the table.

Lastly, personal photos make your house a home. I love the above frame with a wedding invitation on one side, and a favorite snap from the big day on the other. Including family, friends, and loved ones will bring happiness to your space.



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