Pillow Talk

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pillow Talk

One of my favorite ways to transition a room through the seasons is to keep a neutral base (i.e. couch, bed, area rug etc), then change out the room accessories. Throw pillows are a super simple way to accomplish this task. Above are 5 pillow sets that all would look good with a neutral ivory or beige couch/chair/bed but give the room a different feeling depending on the season. These sets are pretty self-explanatory as to which time of year they belong to, but lets do a quick break down:

Winter: Go (faux) fur, leather, and holiday plaid
Spring: Go soft, cool-tone pastels, bird prints, light neutrals, lighter fabrics
Summer: Go bold blue and white, bright colors, seaside prints
Fall: Go kilim print, woven canvas, warmer neutrals (mustard, grays, deep reds)

Which set is your favorite?


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