Grey Days: Target FTW

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Grey Days: Target FTW


Grey is one of the most serene color pallets you can use in your home. 
When coupled with cool tones like silver and shades of spa blue it creates a perfect tranquil retreat. 

In both home design and fashion I am a strong believer in investing in large staple pieces (a great bag or piece of furniture) and then filling in around it with less expensive, fun items. 

Enter Target. 

You have to have a good eye and great timing, but when the stars align just right, you can score some really amazing pieces from this retail giant. I will never forget the year of the coral X-benches (seen here). I had to go to probably 4 stores to acquire two of these, but boy was it worth it. How high-end do they look styled here?

I love the carved wood collection featured above (that foot stool has my heart) and the stone pineapple statuary is a great find too - did you know pineapples in the home symbolize warmth, friendship and hospitality?

Add a little grey to your day by shopping the links above!


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