Sole Sister

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sole Sister

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Everyone has their thing...for me, I'll admit it, it's shoes. 
But honestly, if that's my only vice, I think were in pretty good shape (even though it drives J insane). We have a little rule in our house (which I ignore) where any new pair of shoes that comes in, one pair must go out. 
How rude is that?!

Anyway, here is a sneak peak into a few pairs I have my eye on. Ok Ok I confess, those rose gold strappy sandals (#8) are already in the mail on their way to me (this is a test to see if J reads my blog - we'll see if I get in trouble for that one). 
My cart runneth over...

I also can't end this shoe rant without touching on those insaaaaane butterfly flats. I have never seen a prettier shoe in my life. 

What are your feet into this spring?


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