The Cool Party

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Cool Party


Welcome to the cool party, friends! 
Add these items to your cart, and you can totally sit with us!

But seriously, how on point are these pieces for Spring?!


I am ALL about a suede shirt this season and this cheery rose hue is about as girly as it gets!

Of all the Celine bags, this one is certainly my favorite. Love those loose hanging ties.

I wouldn't say Bug is spoiled but... She will definitely be getting this Amy Berry puppy dog bed (which can also be monogrammed ---> insert heart eye emoji)

I am so seriously obsessed with this trellis mirror for target. I want to buy a bunch of them to puzzle fit together to make an amazing mirrored statement wall. Hellloooooo #DIY.

The detail on this shoe is simply gorgeous with the exposed stitching and gold tipped heel. They also remind me of the M.Gemi Stellato shoe but are $70 cheaper!

As mentioned above, this piece is my spirit stool. It's neutral, it's textured, it's simple and it's beautiful. Consider me SOLD.

What are you bringing to the Cool Girl Party?


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