Few Things...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Today is a good day! Our CEO gave us the day off in addition to Monday so 4 day weekend, here I come! Here's a few fun things...

This little surprise showed up at my door yesterday. Yes, it's true...I commissioned a portrait of Bug. I was so nervous unwrapping it but it is AMAZING. 

TA DAHH! Could you die? Not only is it so stinkin cute, but it actually IS Bug. I sent it to my bestie Colleen for a sneak peak, and at first glance she thought I was sending her a real picture of Bug. I am obsessed. It's already framed and is going up on my gallery wall this weekend eeeep!

How was Valentine's Day for you all? I know I am the exception to the rule, but I love this holiday, single or taken. I just think it's pretty (red's my favorite color) and people are happy and I find always extra nice. One of my favorite Valentine's days ever was my Freshman year in college when my roommate/bestie Caroline and I went to the local bar/restaurant and had a little girl date. It was simple but also memorable since we always make each other laugh harder than I ever knew I could. This year was no different. J met me at work and we had lunch together and took Bug to the dog park. He gave me a massage at the Georgetown Ritz as a gift and some beautiful red tulips. I knocked his socks off with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue (a part valentine's/part congrats on the new job gift) and then we topped off the night with a yummy dinner at our favorite tapas restaurant in Georgetown. It's nice to remind the one you love just how special they are. Plus I LOVE giving gifts and organizing surprises.

This made his year, I'm pretty sure.

I also had the bottle engraved with a little poem I wrote - I might have a future in poetry no?

I know I've posted about it before, buy my addiction has not subsided even the slightest....Dry Bar. So I didn't have an appointment for last night but after a long, long work week, I really didn't have the energy to do my hair in any sort of presentable fashion. These days I am a shower and air dry girl for the most part. So, I popped into Dry Bar on my way home and shamelessly begged asked if there was any chance of being squeezed in. I was added to a cancellation list, aka fat chance, but to my surprise I was called back in just in time for a quicky before our dinner reservation. If you haven't tried Dry Bar yet, get your booty in there. I'm not one to post pictures of myself on the blog so I won't show you an after but I assure you the work was great. Plus, they had pink champagne just for V-day which was the cutest detail. I told my stylist that I would live in Dry Bar if I could. I meant it.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Bisous, Elle


  1. OBSESSED w/ the buggy portrait--amazing!

  2. The portrait is so cute! Who did you hire to do it?

  3. Hi Sarah - I worked with Lisa of Lamanda Designs - found off etsy! She moved back to Australia just after painting Bug, but told me she is still able to paint and ship to the US with the same shipping costs. She's very easy to work with and her turn around time was super fast. She's also obviously very talented! Her etsy link can be found below. Thanks for reading!