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Friday, February 1, 2013

If you know me well, then you know that my dream job is to be an interior designer. While I am slowly working towards it, I make sure to keep scraps, fabric samples, color wheels, tassels, "inspiration books" with magazine tear outs (you name it) of all of my favorites. Tonight I want to pass along some of my absolute favorite wallpapers. I'm also willing to share one of my little secrets with you. I often go to different design websites that will send you free swatches of paper. One of my favorites is Anthropologie - on the left side you can select "request swatches" and they will send you as many samples as you want for free, yes I said it, FREE...Who doesn't love free? I've done this a bunch of times and plan to frame them all to make a cool gallery wall in my apt.

Here are some of my top wallpaper picks and how I plan to use them in my one day dream home.

This is my favorite wall paper in the world, my #1
A Walk In The Park by Osborne & Little
It's no secret that I'm dog obsessed and this black and white print is so chic but also a little playful. Since the pattern is quite bold, I would only use it in a space that has a small surface area. I plan to put it in a first floor powder room with gold accents ie faucet, door knob, mirror etc. I love the simplicity of black white and gold, it screams paaweee (Paris, France) to me. 
My ohhh my, deeelightful!

This next one comes straight from the cover of one of my very favorite interior design books, Domino: The Book of Decorating. The print is Portobello by De Gournay and it's a perfect take on the chinoiserie trend, keeping in tune with the traditional Asian characteristics but using softer colors to make it more versatile. I absolutely love the idea of doing an entire guest room in this or a long hallway with bright white wainscoting. Going to be in my future house for sure.

Lastly, there is nothing better than a thick, bold (vertical, MUST be vertical) cabana stripe. Stripes are classic and timeless and can really be used anywhere if done the right way. My definite go to is a large and in charge, 6 inch stripe which can add height to a room. Be careful that your stripes aren't too thin or they can be dizzying to the eye. 
I'm typically drawn to pastel colors like the above baby blue, but who can resist an Americana red or navy blue?  Stick to one color contrasted with white, and the cabana stripe can do no wrong!

What are your favorite wallpapers, prints and patterns for home decor? Mayyybe I'm weird for thinking about this, but it honestly excites me...Lame?

P.S. I tried to post a picture of my wallpaper swatches and my tassels that hang on my bureau knobs but blogger doesn't like to work in my office so I will share these later.

Bisous, Elle


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