Needles In My Face...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Have any of you every tried acupuncture? I've done it once and I loved it. Maybe it was because I got to take a peaceful nap in a dimly lit room, but I really thought I felt relief from the needles too! I ask because I am going in for another session on Saturday and want to hear your personal accounts/experiences, so I can decide if it should be a regular thing or if I am just being a total kook. A few years ago I started getting migraines, and if you've ever felt a migraine, you know how TIERABLE (coined from the bachelor) they are. They make me lose my sparkle...OK I'm done.

My mom and sister both went though bouts of migraines, but according to my mom they both grew out of them. I'm still waiting....
So to bring this post full circle, I am considering trying acupuncture as a way to relieve them. I'm optimistic with a touch of skepticism. I suppose the treatment makes sense, tapping into the surface of the skin to release pressure/toxins? I don't know, seems a touch hippy/holistic to me but I am willing to try anything for the chance to use my sick/vacation days for some actual fun rather then sobbing in my bed in the dark... yes, they are THAT bad. Leave me a comment or email me at if you have tried/committed to acupuncture. Success and failure stories are both appreciated!

Bisous, Elle


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