Sunday Night Thought Train Toot Toot

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dooms day is upon us people... I seriously cannot stand Sunday nights. As per usual, my Sunday scaries are through the roof, so I usually light some candles and online browse with a little white noise in the background, in this case the Grammys/Walking Dead. As a result, here is my random train of thought. Be sure to check back in for Tuesday's Trend, it's one I LOVE!

Let's start with some Grammy looks...

Not the best picture, but Rihanna looked amaaaaazing in this red Alaia gown. She's annoying almost all the time, but she killed it with this dress, hair and makeup. Clueless throwback anyone?
"You don't understand, this is an Alaia"
"An a-what-a?"
"It's like a totally important designer"

Tay Tay's style has really evolved over the past few years so I will give her that. I like the J-Mendel Grecian look she's got going on here, and the little braid in her hair is definitely a hair-DO. My only issue is that metallic T on her chest. It becomes the main focal point and screws the rest of the dress and all of it's pretty little details. I say it's a 7 - She's on trend with the winter white, and should definitely keep the metallic sash but lose the T, T.

Even though Katy kind of broke the Grammy dress code rules and let her tots hang out, that mint green with her raven hair is so so good. And sorry, but while all of the other award shows are definitely grounds for a more conservative look, the Grammy's are supposed to be fun, edgy and envelope pushing. Stop with all the rules!

Oh Adele, you are so so talented, so lovely, and really a true beauty, but this dress needs to have never happened. I'm glad to see you are breaking away from your always boring, always expected (yawn) black dresses, but this looks like granny's couch and it's not cute. Keep on with the fun colors but maybe less of an intense pattern next time? I still love you, girl. 
Oh and P.S. go home tonight and burn that bag...

Oh my word, what can I even say? You look like a dinosaur, Florence. Was that the point? 
Stop it. 

Ughh did anyone see when John Mayer and Bonnie Raitt presented Miranda and Dirks? His tie was KILLING me. First off, that pattern is puke. But the worst part was definitely how poofy and crooked it was. Also, what is with him and Katy Perry. I'm confused by it....
In other news, Katy Perry's cat is named Kitty Purry which I still find hysterical and genius...

Moving on... I received this bracelet from J for our first anniversary a few years back. She's a beaut alright, but I am thinking it's time to upgrade her a little and want to add a lock/charm. The Hermes website is annoying and doesn't show options (definitely not user friendly) so I guess I will have to pop into the store sometime, but curious what you all think of this idea? I know R. Zoe collects them for her bags, but do you think it would be to chunky/over the top to put one on the bracelet? I'm kind of into it but want to hear your thoughts! Below are a few of the choices I was able to find online. 

I am a BIG horse person, but I wish this was more equestrian and less Pegasus...Don't think this one will be my choice. 

This little pudger is so stinkin cute but for some reason it's not doing it for me. I think there just isn't enough detail and it sort of looks like a blob unless you closely examine it. 

I think this might be the one! I love elephants, they're so cute and peaceful regardless of their size...gentle giants! More importantly they are good luck and I think we all need a little good luck in our lives. 

Now, does anyone know how much these bad boys cost???

Sleep tight poodles!

Bisous, Elle


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