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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

There is a fun activity going around the blogosphere where you share 20 random facts about yourself that your readers may not know. I thought it would be fun to participate so here they are in no particular order...

1. I never had braces but when I was 20, I started panicking over a slightly crooked tooth and decided to get invisalign.

2. I am out of control superstitious which one time caused me to delay an entire flight of people....

3. I was near fluent in conversational french after taking it for 8 years in middle/high school and 3 in college. Now I can only remember a few phrases and words.

4. My dream job was always to be an interior designer.
5. I had a gerbil named whiskers and I used to kiss him on the mouth all of the time. The thought of this now sicks me out.

6. I had my face bit off by a dog when I was in pre-school. Ended up with around 80 some stitches but today you would never know thanks to an amazing plastic surgeon.

7. I have been to the emergency room too many times to count. Some of these included jumping on a rusty roofing nail, ripping off my big toe nail and the above dog bite incident...

8. Ironically, dogs are my favorite animals but after dogs I love skunks - I just think they are really cute and funny.

9. I just learned to love avocados in the last year or two and now I am addicted. I consider them my "healthy" food even though I knew they are secretly full of cals...

10. I studied abroad in Bath England for 3 months.

11. I have always promised myself that I will live in London for at least a year of my life.

12. I am addicted to margaritas and queso dip...cant wait for Cinco de Mayo!

13. I love to buy high heels but rarely wear them these days...I just love how pretty they look in my closet.

14. I have left the country a bunch of times but I have never been to the West Coast.

15. My favorite colors are red, white, and navy and I love ANYTHING with an American flag on it.
16. My favorite holiday is Halloween. It was also my due date, though I came a week later on November 7th.

17. I am terrified of flying and feel legit panic when I have to. My work trip last week was no easy feat..

18. I have one sister who is four years older than me and married living in Philadelphia.

19. I went to all girls school for 13 years (K-12th grade).

20. When I was younger, I was afraid that there were crabs and lobsters at the foot of my bed when I was going to sleep because I was convinced one pinched me once. Most kids are afraid of monsters in the closet, I was afraid of the sea life under the covers at the bottom of my bed...

So there you have it, some of my weird quirks!

Bisous, Elle


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