Birch Box Dilemma

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hi Gals!

So tonight I am weighing some pros and cons and want your feed back. Do any of you subscribe to Birchbox? For my readers who don't know what Birch Box is, for $10 a month you receive a surprise box full of hand selected beauty products that the company is currently partnering with and featuring. I have been a member for probably 8 months or so and I have to say, my experience has been really hit or miss. My first ever birch box killed it - including a full size bottle of essie nail polish and a twistband hair tie among other things. These were both things I would definitely use and made the $10 box worth its value. But other months have been less exciting and make me wonder if I should drop out. I know $10 isn't much, but it does add up over time... It's also a glass of wine at the bar.
I decided to post about this tonight because I got my March Birch Box in the mail, and once again opened it to find an assortment of blah products. Another major disappointment was that a product I was expecting to see in the box, and was actually really excited about, was not included. Each month the website does "sneak preview" videos which I always end up watching because I am bad at waiting for surprises. They pitched this collection of Serge Normant products, and then I didn't get a single thing from the line... disappointment. 

The box does get an A for packaging and presentation, and it is really fun to have something to look forward to each month, but is it worth it??? Gahh I just cant decide!! I have to say I think the co-founders, Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp (pictured below) are extremely adorable and they often support new and/or small businesses and frequently highlight companies that give back with their proceeds which makes me REALLY want to support them. Little known fact, these two actually met at Harvard business school, talk about beauties with brains...

What are your thoughts on Birch Box? Do you subscribe to it? Have you dropped it? For me, the verdict is still out....

P.S for any guy readers, Birchbox offers a male version "Birchbox Man". You can check it out here.

Bisous, Elle


  1. Hi Elle! I actually cancelled my birchbox subscription last month. I was mostly annoyed that you can't personalize your box at all. I was so sick of getting perfume samples (and chocolate, to be honest). I think the final straw was the month where all of the products were boring--moisturizer, eyelid base--and there were no products that you could actually see. I wanted some color! So I quit and decided I could spend $10 extra on beauty products from now on. It's a bummer because it had the potential to be so fun, and it was for a few months!


  2. Hi Elle! I usually don't comment on your posts but had to when I saw you writing about Birchbox. It is truly the biggest waste of time and money. I received mine as a birthday gift from a friend and was really excited at the prospect. In the one year that I received boxes from them, I kept a hair tie and a razor. Afer a few months of opening disappointing boxes, I would just throw the whole thing out without even opening it. I finally called them and told them they didn't need to send me anything else cause if I want tiny samples of products I'll never use, I'll just go to Bloomies.

    Love the blog!