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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy snow day to all of my DC friends! Blogging from bed with the little baby Bug snuggled up next to me is a dream! As I lay here, I am trying reeeally hard to be good and not online shop, though it's tempting... To distract myself from reaching for my credit card, I decided I would share some of my current wish list items with you. Hope you have a wonderful day off little snow bunnies! Don't worry NYC, I believe this is coming your way!

Bisous, Elle


I'm actually in the market for some new white jeans. I am LOVING the detail on these....Mine.

Love this J-crew half button which also comes in a sweet pink color. It looks so soft - I want both! Why oh WHY did you have to get so expensive J-crew?? Gone are the days of circling 10+ things in the catalogue and doing a mega phone order. Pout....

I will take both of these please and thank you. I love the thick straps. I am all about ankle cuff shoes right now and these two are spot on. Gimmie.

I am a coffee table book addict collector. I have had a few of the Vogue (Living Houses Gardens People and People Parties Places) hardbacks on my list for a while now. Then this happened. That is a deal on top of a deal on top of a deal. 3 for less than the price of one? Not sure what lunatic decided this was a good idea, but I will take it!! Get em while they're hot!

These floral headbands are so stinkin cute. Yes I am aware you can't wear them on an average day, but every now and then it's good to add a little fun to your look and it's cheeky accessories like these that are just the ticket. I personally want to walk down the aisle with a floral crown when I get married. Ehh fine, maybe not at the actual ceremony, as I'm pretty traditional. But you better believe at the reception this girl will be adorned with a wreath of peonies, ranunculus and roses. Rawrr glamour puss.
Lastly, These babies are actually M.I.N.E. I bought them a few weeks ago and let me just say, these pictures do NOT do them justice. Every time I wear these I get so many compliments. They are conservative enough for the office, but the little jeweled anklet strap makes them also fun for an evening out. These are the


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