Double Dutch

Sunday, March 10, 2013

One of my favorite details when it comes to home design is the dutch door. It's beautiful, practical and has a charming way of a creating a warm and welcoming scene. The dutch door works in both interior and exterior settings, opening up any space. In my home in Philadelphia, a dutch door separates the mud room (aka dog/laundry room) from the kitchen. It's an easy solution for circulating air from the back door throughout the house, and also serves as a corral for Bug and her sister, Izzy, after a good roll in the mud. And while on the topic of animals, there's nothing more picturesque than a 200 year old barn dutch door with a curious little horse head peaking out from the top (see below). This will definitely be a feature that I look for in a home when it's my time to join the buyer's market. Until then, I will continue to add tear outs and paint strips to my inspiration books.

Bisous, Elle


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