2016 Accessories

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Accessories


New Year New You, right? Ok actually that saying is the worst... And why would you want a new you, you're great as you are! 

But maybe just some sprucing up is all any of us need. And the best way to do so is hitting re-fresh on your accessory game.

Turn the winter blues into bright yellows and pinks. Tie a favorite scarf around your neck for a Parisian cool-girl look. Up your luggage collection by adding bold prints and colors. Give your cellphone a cheeky new home. But most importantly, try something new (that mid-calf boot shaft is basically begging to come  home with me) because, why not? You never know until you try.

The accessories department is where you should show your colors and master your own personal vibe.



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