Put Your Best Brows Forward

Friday, January 29, 2016

Put Your Best Brows Forward


I recently popped down to Washington D.C. for an eyebrow appointment at Nectar Skin Bar. After months (yes months) of neglecting them, I really needed to get my brows in order. 

When I arrived I was so sad to learn that I was there on their last weekend ever in business!! For those of you who frequented Nectar, you understand the sadness…

Down side, they are now closed. Up side, I walked away with brows like never before and a whole new appreciation of the brow business (also with some amazing decorative lanterns since they were selling ALL of their salon decor for pennies!! How could I not?)

So while laying on the table, I was chatting with the super friendly brow technician and she asked me if I had ever considered brow tinting. To be honest I briefly thought about it a few years back, but then got scared off when I read horror stories about lash tinting and blindness…no bueno. 

I have naturally blonde/fair brows and while my hair is blonde to match (obviously natural… jk I literally just left the salon) I wondered if darkening up my face framers might make a great difference. The next thing I knew (before even really agreeing to it) she was combing tint into my brows and there was no turning back. I panicked for .2 seconds and then was like you know what, YOLO (which is easy to say when you learn brow tinting only lasts a few weeks then fades out). Worst case scenario I look like a scary clown for a few weeks…shit happens.

Thing is, I am SO glad I took the risk. I will admit, I liked them best about a week in (they are a little shocking at first especially when you are so used to lighter brows) but I kid you not, I started to get compliments everywhere I went. The woman in Starbucks, the lady in Anthropologie, my mom (haha) all asking me about my new set. 

Before I joined the tinting world I used a number of the above products to get the same look on nights when I was going full-on makeup. Now I don't even have to touch them, they are subtly striking on their own. If you don't want to take the plunge into the world of tinting try this (my favorite) or this (pomade helps to keep the hairs in place). Just make sure to talk to a Sephora specialist who can match your color for you correctly!

Anastasia products are the best I've found but I definitely want to know if you use something else that you swear by!


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