Bleed Blue

Monday, January 25, 2016

Bleed Blue


I remember a time when I thought blue was just for the boys (I was like 9, but was certain that the XY chromosome had laid claim on this one). Now I've come to my senses and cannot get enough of this bold hue! Every single shade gives me legit design chills especially when mixed all together. 

Navy, royal, baby, and cobalt tossed with some teal, turquoise and aqua and you've mastered a winner. Ughh I need to book a trip to the Greek islands…

Room must-haves include: An over dyed carpet, rich velvet fabrics, one of a kind artwork, and fluffy bunches of fresh hydrangeas.

Also can we talk about the amazing Safavieh (my favorite home furnishing brand ever) puzzle piece coffee table set. They look amazing together but would also work perfectly separated and scattered throughout the room.

Color me obsessed.

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