Ireland: What to Pack

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ireland: What to Pack


J and I are both dying to go to Ireland (it's in the top three on our travel hitlist) and we've been slowly starting to look into planning a trip (hopefully with one of our best couple friends - Hi W & J!). Though this venture is still in it's early planning stages, I cant help but dream of the cozy knits, cashmere beanies, and statement coats that will no doubt be packed or picked up along they way (hello?? I obviously have to get an authentic wool fisherman sweater + 1 million blanket wraps while there). 

Here is my packing checklist with everything from a #necessary black cape, to a thick and cozy (faux) shearling vest (because I obviously want to fit in with all the sheep herds I will be hugging visiting).

For my 30th birthday J bought me a new dreamy DSLR which is pretty much begging to be taken on vacation. Now all I need is that burnt orange leather tote and a renewal on my passport (why is that such a process ugh) and I am good to go!

What cool places are you itching to travel to??


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