Monday, February 22, 2016



If you're in your 20's or 30's, chances are you're running crazy on the wedding circuit right now. We had twelve weddings last year (you heard me, 12!) and this year have another five. It's definitely crazy but SO fun. 

A week ago we went to one of my good college friend's gorgeous NYC wedding, which was such a blast. In the weeks leading up I was chatting with another gf about how hard it is to find a really good clutch. Especially for a black tie event. 

Seriously, who besides me has a bunch of old, out of style, beaten up (aka ugly) clutches from your college days? I decided to package them all up for Goodwill (since none of them are really working for me anymore), and to turn my focus to finding a few great transitional pieces that can take me from day-night, city-vacation, spring-fall. 

Above is a round up of some of my very favorites with links to shop!

Clearly my personal preference is a box clutch - How gorgeous is this one??

Happy Monday, Friends!

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