Oscars 2016: Best & Worst Dressed

Monday, February 29, 2016


Yes: Love the color and silhouette of this Stella McCartney gown on Olivia Munn. Finished off perfectly with a jeweled snake bangle and matching orange lip.

Yes: How incredible does Rachel McAdams look in this August Getty gown (she's also my favorite Hollywood lady, so this made me extra happy). I feel like the hunter green shade is so rarely done which surprises me since its such a good color for all different skin tones and hair colors. 

Yes: The pant-gown. I actually love this Brandon Maxwell look, especially for Lady Gaga (it's a far cry from the meat dress amiright?). It really softens her look and gives her a solid androgynous balance.

Yes: Margot Robbie looked stunning in this Tom Ford gold number. Normally I hate snake skin print, but I barely even noticed that part. I also love how she did a play on the plunging neckline without having to show her damn belly button (what is with that trend? I cannot stand it).

Yes: Naomi Watts in Armani Privé looks stunning. This dress reminds me of the rainbow fish. The fading color and scale-like sequins are gorgeous!

Honorable Mention: Charlize Theron in Dior. She obviously looks beautiful (and this is very similar to my junior year prom dress - same color and sliding string neckline), but again with that deep plunging neckline… I can't. We don't need to see that much of your stomach and also, yawn - every dress has this detail now. Do more (but show less).


No: I like the idea of this dress but the execution is just all wrong. The straps look like someone closed their eyes and sewed them on (is that one on the left supposed to be crooked?!). I also wish the leather detail didn't hook down on the white skirt. This would have been SO much better strapless and without the dip and hooks at the bottom of the bodice. 

No: No, No, No just No. The only redeeming quality of this gown is the pretty ombre purple shade. Otherwise, this is just so wrong in so many ways. Too many flowers, too much fabric, too much underboob… Remove the single sleeve, remove the flower decals and this dress would be so much better. 

No: This just made me sad. I mean, she might as well be topless, and I don't care for the little back cape/angel wings. I like the skirt (color and pleats) but everything from the waist up is so bad. Including that weird choker necklace/dog collar thing she's wearing. 

Who were your favorites?

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