Under The Palms

Monday, February 8, 2016

Under The Palms


Like clockwork, February hits and I start itching for a warm tropical getaway. I'm a person who is always cold…like freezing, chilled to the bone cold, so the first few months of the year feel super brutal to me. 
Not to mention I just had my annual checkup and my blood work showed my vitamin D levels were low. So basically my body is telling me to get into the damn sunshine!

As I previously mentioned, I'm dying to get to Pig Island in the Bahamas. Palm Springs is also on my bucket list and I would be more than happy to scoot back to Palm Beach for a long weekend. 

Palms leaves, tassels, pom poms, espadrilles, sun hats, scalloped suits, rose, and woven straw clutches in pinks and greens are sure to get you in the spirit!

Where is your favorite warm getaway spot?

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