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Truth be told, I'm not much of a collector. 
I really tend to lean toward a cleaner, more clutter-free space and feel overwhelmed by most trinkets (ugh I even hate that word). That said, there are two things I have become an avid collector of, and I don't see myself turning back anytime soon. 

1. The Ginger Jar: 
If you've been reading along all these years, you know I am a blue and white addict. Almost all of my home design posts include at least SOME element of this color combo, and you know what? I'm ok with that.

Blue and white is my religion and the ginger jar is my worship idol. 

I love how each jar stays within the two-tone color scheme, but they are all so unique varying in height, pattern and shape. This creates great depth and scale in your space. 

I'll never forget arguing trying to explain to J why we ABSOLUTELY did need to another blue and white jar added to our wedding registry… Who's with me here?

2. Herend Figurines:
Back in the 80's a very common baby gift (at least where I grew up) was the small glass figurine. I have probably 8 or 9 glass animal pieces (hello…does anyone remember Beatrix Potter figurines??)  that I was gifted when I was born. 

I love the little detail of a small chick or bunny rabbit placed on your mantel or peaking out from your bookshelf. They look great scattered amongst picture frames, or perched right on your bedside table. 

These playful little creatures may be somewhat childish, but if you don't over do it, they make for happy little additions to your room. 

If you think J was excited about the ginger jars, you can just imagine his thrill of the Herend figurine…A battle I may never win.

Do you have a special item that you or your family collects?


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