Art Deco-rative

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Art Deco-rative


I mean, how sophisticated is this room? I feel almost too immature to be able to lay my head here!

Honestly, I had a vision of how this space would come together, and I have to say, I pretty much nailed it. 

Let's break it down:

I can't start with anything besides those tassel lamps. To me they are the focal point of the room. These pretty babies come in black or white. They are ultra feminine (the white ones melt me) meets Upper East Side, bad ass #GirlBoss (hello those black ones!? Ok technically they are navy with black shades, but it works!).

The perfectly curved head/foot board is like my design dream (again, always with the symmetry) and I love the cascading levels as your eye draws from the headboard to the footboard down to the elongated bench.

I wanted a 1920's art deco feel to the room without going too crazy, so I brought in the black/mirrored Kate Spade side tables, the geo-print rug and a few decorative pieces (that Ralph Lauren clock reminded me of the Chrysler building - I love it!).

Lastly, I needed one really opulent feature so I added the gold starburst mirror which is a nod to this bold, luxurious, and decadent era.

Typically I tend to lean toward softer pallets when it comes to room design, but something about this room just gets me.

Happy Hump Day!

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