Line To Love: Topshop Shoes

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Line To Love: Topshop Shoes


Topshop is 100% my favorite place to shop on-trend, super cute shoes (remember I bought these a month or so ago?). 
Here's the real kicker:
Almost every pair they sell is well under $100. You heard me.
This includes all of the pairs featured above too!

You know I am all about a metallic flat, but I was especially excited when I came across all of the black strappy numbers they're currently selling. It all started with these pins that I saved a few months ago (here, here and here). I fell in love with this style shoe, but couldn't find those exact pairs anywhere. The Topshop versions are so gorgeous and are hard to resist with those prices. 

I used to be addicted to Zara's shoe line. It was my go-to for an affordable fashionably fun pair, but they started slipping a year or two ago and really dropped the ball leaving me uninspired.

I am so glad Topshop is picking up the slack and absolutely killing the shoe game!

Which pair is your favorite?
Shop other styles here or here!

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