Best Finds: Ikea

Monday, March 7, 2016

Best Finds: Ikea


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You may walk the long and winding halls of Ikea thinking, these items just won't fit with your design asethtic. 
But trust me, look again. 

As we all know, Ikea is filled with TONS of odds and ends, and lets face it, a lot of junk that you wouldn't give a second glance to. However, if you become a master in your search, you will find that there are a number of fantastically affordable and chic items right under your nose!

The key is to stick to a neutral pallet (I know, I know I'm a broken record) and clean lines. Also, you must always have an open mind when it comes to adding some DIY touches. 

Each item in my specially curated list fits the bill.

Let's break it down:


One: These shelves look so great in your living space. I love how light and airy they are with the clear glass shelf surface.

Two: Lucite is still a thing my friends, and you need this chair. Look how amazing it is styled here, here, and here.

Three: This couch looks so high-end in person. Our good friends have it in their living room, and not only is it a pretty little piece, it's also comfortable which is hugely important!

Four: A faux sheepskin throw is such an easy item to incorporate into your bedroom or living space. Drape it over your desk chair for extra coziness, or lay it on the floor next to your bed so you have extra cushion when you get up in the a.m. I have this exact Ikea one!

Five:  You guys, I was so excited when I discovered these trellis pieces at Ikea! I had previously saved this picture from Veranda, and immediately light bulbs started going off. Can you imagine these painted white and laid over a large mirrored surface? Or go traditional and grow some climbing plants. For only $19.99 you can have all the design fun without breaking the bank.

Six: This throw blanket is such a great find (I own it). The bold stripe packs a big punch and looks great draped over the sofa or a spare chair. We have a blanket ladder in our living room with each of our throws folded neatly upon the rungs which is another great look.

Seven: I am a super fan of bringing giant lush greenery inside. I love this ficus bush from Home Depot and it would look fantastic placed in this natural plant pot.

Eight: This is hands down my favorite find EVER from Ikea and sadly I can no longer locate it on the site. I really hope they bring it back, because it is SUCH a great piece. Can you imagine 4 or 5 of these bad boys lined up poolside?

Nine: This table shape is literally everywhere in the design world right now, and I don't think you can beat Ikea's $179 price point. Go buy this piece and create a great, minimalistic look like this, this, or this.

What are your top, swear by Ikea finds?

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